Webpack 3.0.0 模块加载打包工具

Webpack 3.0.0 模块加载打包工具


Webpack 是一款模块加载、打包工具,它能把各种资源,例如 JS(含JSX)、coffee、样式(含less/sass)、图片等都作为模块来使用和处理。

新版本在2.6.1 的基础上更新内容如下:


  • node_modules no longer mangle to ~ in stats [breaking change]

  • timeout for HMR requests is configurable

  • added experimental Scope Hoisting (webpack.optimize.ModuleConcatenationPlugin)

  • some performance improvements

  • added output.libraryExport to select an export for the library

  • sourceMapFilename now supports [contenthash] [breaking change]

  • module.noParse supports functions

  • add node: false option to disable all node specific additions

bug 修复:

  • add workaround for breakpoints in eval source maps (chrome)

  • avoid creating redundant connections in chunk graph

  • enable chunk modules in stats by default

  • add special behavior when using CommonsChunkPlugin with only async option

  • error is shown when hot-only HMR fails

  • fixed a few issues with weird stats output [breaking change]

  • fixed a bug in occurrence order plugin [breaking change]

  • optimization plugins now only affect the current compilation [breaking change]

  • context now also include index files [breaking change]

  • require.resolve evaluate truthy [breaking change]

  • import order no longer adds to hash

  • Hashing for RawModule fixed